Mr. Brian Hornby
Canalta Business Brokers Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:
About 15 years ago, I was given the name of Brian from Ted Fox of Scotia Macleod. At that time, Brian did an evaluation of our company and provided us with an estimate of Fair Market Value. We sat on this for approximately 12 years, and in 2013 we re-contacted Brian and asked to re valuate our business. In September of 2014, he had an interested party and requested permission to show our information to this potential buyer. Two weeks later, he set up a meeting with the buyer and they presented us with an offer. We negotiated and closed the sale of the Business on April 1/2015

Without Brian’s help and dedication to this sale it would have never materialized. He also introduced us to a top tax lawyer who handled the sale for us. He stayed with the Purchase and worked out the glitches that arose right up until closing.

I would recommend Brian Hornby and Canalta Business Brokers to anyone that was contemplating on selling their business.

Thank you in advance,

Don Ollenberger, Manager