CANALTA BUSINESS BROKERS INC. has developed a proven method of evaluating, packaging and marketing your business which utilizes the following format:

  • An initial confidential meeting with the business owner.
  • A professional valuation of your business to determine the fair market value.
  • Preparation of a corporate profile of your business for presentation to serious purchasers and their financial advisers.
  • Marketing your business on a confidential basis to prevent your employees, suppliers and competitors knowing of your intentions.
  • Potential purchasers are screened, qualified and then cleared through you prior to release of information to them.
  • Any advertising of your business is done on the basis of ‘blind ads’ to assure confidentiality.
    CANALTA will arrange, as required, all meetings between buyer and seller and their advisors.
  • CANALTA will assist, when necessary, in negotiations concerning price, financing and other terms of the sale.

In summary, CANALTA is totally involved in the sale of your business from day one until the transaction is closed.